Life story

Life story…

My name is Radu Stefan and I decided to come into my parents’ life after a very long
awaiting period, so that their joy should be ten folded the moment I screamed for the first
time in their ears…and that day was 11th of December 2009.This is how I looked back

Time passed by, I enjoyed my very first anniversary, I started to discover the world
surrounding me. I used to giggle all day long and to make all kinds of funny things and I
was, of course, my parents’ true treasure.
This is how I looked when I was 1 year old…

The first year full of both concerns and excitement for my parents had passed by
and here am I heading through my second year of existence…

a second year that
brought only tragedy into my life and if I knew what it brought I would have done
something…something to show my parents that the disease snuggled into my soul and
maybe my destiny would have been a better one now…but unfortunately there is one
part of it that cannot be controlled. My two year party had been cancelled for another
day…this is how I looked at two years old…

So far I told you a fairy tale…from now on everything is nightmare…
Everything started on 22nd of December 2011 when I was hospitalized with right
inguinal hernia and after lots of “adventures” it was decided that I should be subject to
surgery on 13th of January 2012.My parents were in shock: small blue particles sarcoma
with high meiotic level and imunohistochemistry tests put the diagnostic about a tumor
with small round poliphenoptical cells .After more than 3 weeks I did not have a certain
diagnostic because the Romanian medical system is disastrous.

Today, 7th of February 2012 I received an answer from Germany, diagnostic: Ewing
sarcoma and I have to receive also the molecular biology results.My parents had
one shock after another: lack of specific disease cytostatics and the incapacity of the
Romanian medical system in having a complete treatment scheme( radiotherapy ,etc)
My parents understood that in life it’s not important to have good cards but it matters
how you play the ones you have ,but for this we need each and everyone of you…
This is how I look now…
I know, I am completely changed …but I strongly proposed myself to catch up,I
proposed myself to LIVE but for my victory I need you because my chance is somewhere
in a medical clinic in France, Austria or Germany and I also need 150.000 euro.Every
small amount of money from you mean a lot to me and the sooner we get to collect this
money the more chances I have to live.My rescue is in your hands.
I am sure that my parents will find a way to thank you for all your support. And I am very
sure that I will get to celebrate 3rd year of life and I will smile to you all.

May God Help Us!

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  1. Buna ziua,
    Pe 26 noiembrie 2012 a plecat la Doamne Doamne baiatul meu de 16 ani (copil extraordinar de cuminte si eminent la scoala) dupa o suferinta crancena de doi ani cu sarcom Ewing de femur drept.
    Sunt medic insa asta nu a influentat cu nimic ritmul bolii.
    Va inteleg pe deplin, sa va dea Dumnezeu putere sa mergeti mai departe.
    Iertati-ma, mama lui Bogdan